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You can use graphical themes in Wcal.

Select the theme to preview with the menu below and click on the "Dowload" button to download the theme.

To install the theme, you can use the CWcal configurator:

Click on the "Themes" button and on the "More..." button. Select the theme file you have downloaded and click on the "Import" button. Then click on the "Apply" button to use the theme in Wcal. Don't forget to restart Wcal.

or install it manually:
For example if you download the Mozilla theme:
> cd /var/www/html/wcal
> mkdir themes
> cd themes
> tar zxvf mozilla.tgz
> cd ..
> chown -R <apache user>.<apache group> themes
Then add the line:
theme = mozilla
in the global section of the wcal.conf file. Don't forget to restart Wcal.
Theme 1
Main calendar view with Mozilla theme

The CWcal configurator allows you to create and edit your own themes. Send me your creations by using the "Export" button at js@electriccafe.org, they will be added on the Wcal themes page.

© 2004 Joël Savignon