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Palm Pilot™HotSync®The Web Calendar
The Wcal / Palm Pilot™ Synchronization

P*Wcal is a process that allows to synchronize the datebook and todos of Palm Pilot™ with Wcal.
P*Wcal is written in Perl and released under GNU General Public License (GPL).


  • Multiple Palm Pilot™ synchronization
  • User authentication to avoid illegal access to the calendars
  • Synchronize events and todos
  • Archive Palm Pilot™ events in Wcal
  • Network HotSync® support
  • Quick sync report in the HotSync® journal of the Palm Pilot™
  • Complete sync report in Wcal
P*Wcal 2
Wcal HotSync® report window

Take a look at the online documentation for more information.

See the download page to get the last release of P*Wcal.

Display this news only New feature 1.2b1
P*Wcal Allow to synchronize personal events with an alternate Wcal calendar.

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