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Major releases of Wcal can be downloaded as .tgz archive files. Major versions are released when a significant amount of changes has been made in the source code. Between two major releases, you can download beta versions of Wcal by using the Wcal CVS tree.


To use the Wcal CVS tree, you need to have CVS installed on your machine. Most of the Linux distributions include CVS. For more information about CVS, see the CVS web site.

You also need to have an active Internet connection.

Getting your own Wcal anonymous CVS access

This operation will create a local directory on your machine that will contain the Wcal source code. This directory could be now synchronized with the Wcal CVS repository of SourceForge.

To create your CVS access, you must login anonymous on the CVS repository:

> cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wcal login
When you are prompted a CVS password, simply press the "Enter" key.

Then, you can get the wcal directory:

> cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wcal co wcal

The wcal directory

The local directory created by CVS is called wcal. If you go to this directory, you will see all the files and directories contained in the major releases .tgz files. Extra "CVS" directories are used by CVS to store information about your local copy of the CVS repository.

Note: The wcal directory contains subdirectories called pwcal and cwcal that contain the source code of the P*Wcal and CWcal modules.

Installing a beta release

If you already have installed a major release, all you need to do is:
> make update
You will be prompted for the location of the wcald file. Then you restart wcald. When you access to the Wcal main page with your browser, you must see the beta release version number (i.e: "Wcal 2.3 b1")

Note: To install a P*Wcal or a CWcal beta release, it's the same actions from the pwcal or cwcal subdirectory.

Checking for Wcal changes

To see if a new beta version of Wcal has been released, you can check the news on the Sourceforge Wcal page or the Wcal web site.

You can also use CVS. In your local wcal directory, just run:

> cvs -n update
If files have been changed in the Wcal repository, they will appear like this:
U wcald.in
You can see the difference by:
> cvs diff wcald.in
To update your code with the modified source, just run:
> cvs update
Then you can update your beta release with "make update" (see Installing a beta release).

© 2004 JoŽl Savignon