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  • Samuli Kärkkäinen skarkkai@woods.iki.fi has created and maintained the 1.x versions of Wcal. He has also provided the finnish translation of Wcal. Many thanks to Samuli for your great work!

  • Sven Koch haegar@sdinet.de has provided the german version of Wcal.

  • Bernd Gollesch bernd.gollesch@cscaustria.at has written the non-working days file for Austria.

  • Christoph Ewering eweri@cunde.de has provided information about Wcal under Mac OSX.

  • Davide sk@esk.mine.nu has provided the italian version of Wcal.

  • Vanni Guarnieri guarnier@arcetri.astro.it has contributed to the italian version of Wcal.

  • Wouter Eerdekens wouter.eerdekens@fks.be has provided the dutch version of Wcal.

  • Israel Olalla israel.olalla@yahoo.com has provided the spanish version of Wcal.

  • Marius Thøring marius@bjorli.com has provided the norwegian version of Wcal.

  • Alessandro Kenji Urakawa alessandro@4linux.com.br has provided the portuguese version of Wcal and the non-working days file for Brazil.

  • Pavel Lisy pali@tmapy.cz has provided the czech version of Wcal.

  • Joern W. Andersen jwa@fasytek.dk has provided the danish version of Wcal.

  • Michel Vinette Michel.Vinette@psy.ulaval.ca as written the non-working days file for Canada/Quebec.

  • Mark Easterbrook mark@easterbrook.org.uk as written the non-working days file for all United Kingdom and Ireland.

© 2004 Joël Savignon