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Display this news only MyNews 1.1 released
MyNews The 1.1 version of MyNews adds some new features and bugfixes. The most important changes are:

MyNews handles templates with an URL that can be a RSS or Atom file instead of a HTML file. See the RSS page of MyNews for more information.

MyNews handles news users registration from the public website.

MyNews architecture has been modified to allow extension modules. The first application is MyCMS, a Content Management System to write and publish articles in the MyNews website.

The Web Calendar Welcome to the Wcal homepage

Wcal is a web based calendar/planner written in Perl and released under GNU General Public License (GPL).


  • Internationalized interface
  • Several users with their own or shared calendars
  • Web interface to configure Wcal
  • Groups of users (calendars tree)
  • Graphical themes
  • Web server's access control methods
  • Palm Pilot™ HotSync®
  • and many more...
NeoSystem supports the development effort of Wcal and its maintainance.
Multiple Windows Display

Display this news only Wcal 2.8 is out!
Wcal After a long long time, Wcal 2.8 has been released.

You can now customize weekends background color using "show weekend" resource.

Some bugs have been fixed, espacially when using repeated events with exceptions. Wcal has now a better support for overlap considering from and until dates for repeated events.

Display this news only Bug fix 2.8b1
Wcal Correct "show weekend" resource used with a color value (to customize weekend days background).

Disable calendar selector in fusion view (obsolete).

Suppress perl warning when todos in "Other views".

Display this news only Wcal 2.7 is out!
Wcal Wcal 2.7 introduces the concept of duration for repeated events. A repeated event can start at one date, stop at another date and can be disabled for certain dates.

A new "Goto..." view has been added to go directly to a choosen day.

See CHANGES for more information.

Display this news only New feature 1.2b1
P*Wcal Allow to synchronize personal events with an alternate Wcal calendar.

Display this news only Bug fix 1.2b1
P*Wcal Events with no time created in Wcal are added with hour = 0 on Palm instead of "no hour".

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