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2.7	09 Dec 2004

- New:  Add duration for repeated events (from ... to ... except ...)
- New:	New view "Goto..." to go directly to a choosen day
- New:  Add repeated special days (same date every year)
- New:  Allow to synchronize Palm personal events with an alternate calendar
- New:  New "webserver name" resource for links generated by checkalarm
- New:  "frame width" and "frame height" resources for detailed week view
- Change: Allow create/modify/delete events from the fusion view
- Change: Confirmation message when deleting event
- Change: Allow coloured weekends with "show weekend" resource
- Change: Prepare code to an arabic version (strings direction)
- Bug:  Sort order in week and month view for events with same start hour
- Bug:  Correct links in fusion view when detail week is yes
- Bug:  Correct bug for private/locked events in the fusion view
- Bug:  Correct link in information/confirmation mail from fusion view

2.6	14 Aug 2003

- New:	Color of text and links can be changed in themes
- New:  "For your eyes only" events (private)
- New:  User can now do a week copy as he does an event copy
- New:  You can now configure the week view to look like the day view
- New:	'footer' resource to add copyright strings...
- New:	'webserver port' resource to avoid problems with mod_perl
- New:	New "Events until week..." view
- New:	Search view to search for strings in events like a search engine
- New:	'demo' resource to configure a read only Wcal
- New:	Wcal calendars can now be synchronized with multiple sources
- New:	Czech version is now integrated to Wcal
- New:	Danish version is now integrated to Wcal
- Change: Add a link to the calendar view in alarm emails
- Change: Wcal now generate valid HTML 4.0 Transitional
- Change: Automatic refresh in Multiple Windows Display mode
- Bug:  Disable event duplication when reloading page after adding event
- Bug:  checkalarm works now well with locked events
- Bug:  Misc display bugs has been corrected when first day = sunday
- Bug:  '+' characters in title and data are now correctly displayed
- Bug:  Fusion popup of the day view has now correct links
- Bug:  Fusion popup of the month view has now i18n month name

2.5	05 Nov 2002

- New:	Wcal graphical themes
- New:	Groups of users (calendar tree)
- New:	Events locking
- New:	Events overlap control
- New:	Year repeated events
- New:	Customizable mail command
- New:	Calendar purge restriction
- New:	Event precision resources
- Change: Change misc HTML code for display purpose
- Bug:  Correct misc bugs on repeated persistent events
- Bug:  Correct misc bugs when using checkalarm with args
- Bug:  Keep todo,strike and mail flags on alarm launch
- Bug:  Correct url of type /?
- Bug:  Correct list events view for calendars with data id

2.4	06 Apr 2002

- New:	Add new resources: show day time, first hour, last hour, 
	day precision. See configuration for more information
- New:	Add duration in event form if > 1
- New:	Spanish version is now integrated to Wcal
- New:	Norwegian version is now integrated to Wcal
- New:	Finnish version is now integrated to Wcal
- Bug:  Correct date format in emails
- Bug:  Correct year view (HTML code bug)
- Bug:  Correct display bug for some browsers (Konqueror, Opera...)
- Change: Change links in other views for display stability
- Change: Change default values of some install variables

2.3     09 Jan 2002

- New:	Dutch version is now integrated to Wcal
- New:	Italian version is now integrated to Wcal
- New:	add "default todo" resource
- New:	add "disable fusion" resource
- New:	add header to mwd day view
- Bug:  reactivate the "top left corner" resource
- Bug:	Allow mwd in month and year views (new caches)
- Bug:	Correct month height to avoid scrollbars
- Bug:	Correct some target in mwd views
- Bug:  $ are displayed correctly in mails
- Bug:  Correct 12 pm display
- Bug:  Correct day for alarms when first day = sunday
- Bug:  Correct todo list for events of previous years
- Bug:  Correct fusion view with read-only calendars
- Change: Reduce font in week, month and year header for small screens
- Change: Change main windows links to allow month and year bookmarks
- Change: Allow < > and & in data
- Change: Change misc HTML code for Mozilla and IE

2.2     5 Sep 2001

- New:	P*Wcal integration to synchronize Wcal with PalmPilot(TM).
- New:	Priority (1 to 5) in todo events
- New:	Events with 0 minute alarm
- New:	refresh delay is now customizable in wcal.conf
- Bug:  Quotes are displayed correctly in alt text of icons
- Bug:  Use title tag for alt text to be compliants with some browsers
- Bug:  Events with no time are displayed correctly in the event list view
- Bug:  Events fusion are displayed with the right background in the event 
        list view

2.1     19 Jul 2001

- New:	German version is now integrated to Wcal
- New:	Todo events (PostIt notes)
- New:	Fully operational month view and year view with a new concept of
	popup windows called MWD (Multiple Windows Display)
- New:  Information and confirmation mail sent to remote user on event
	addition or modification
- New:  new "show weekend" option to show/hide weekends in the week, month
	and year views
- New:  Customizable default event lenght and precision with the new 
	wcal.def file
- New:  The new wcal.sdays file (for special days) allow to mark some
	particular days such as non-working days
- Bug:  You can now have different remote mail for the different calendars
- Change: The default other view is replaced by a "Todo" view. Old year view is
	  always accessible and looks a little bit different
- Change: HTML code is now lower case

2.0     1 Sep 2000

- Wcal is now maintained by JoŽl Savignon <js@neosystem.com>
- New:	Internationalization (see remote lang in wcal.conf and
	wcal.msg; only English and French for the moment)
- New:	Calendars fusion (events with differents backgrounds,
	quick access to separate calendars)
- New:	Events with no time (separated from other events)
- New:	Alarm (use checkalarm in crontab and see remote mail in wcal.conf)
- New:	Icons with ALT tag for notes and alarm
- New:	Strike/unstrike event (enable/disable) 
- New:	Purge calendar
- New:	Customizable background
- New:	Runs as non-root

1.11    2 Mar 2000

- Bug: Editing an event that starts the first day of week and spans more
       than one day didn't work, and would destroy some of the existing
- Bug: Cgiproxy now ignores environment variables with newlines in them, as
       sending them doesn't work anyway and in fact would break wcal.

1.10    8 Mar 1999

- Change: Documentation now mentions that Wcal breaks with ServerSignature
          option of Apache 1.3.

1.09	5 Dec 1998

- Bug: The DIRECTORY variable in wcald didn't have value _X_DIRECTORY in
       distribution, which made the installation not work.

1.08	23 Oct 1998

- Bug: Wcal didn't create user directories at startup, because
       create_users() wasn't called.

1.07	23 Sep 1998

- Bug: SIGPIPE now ignored; might have occured if cgiproxy dies (for
       instance if the client aborts) while the tcp/ip connection is open.

1.06	18 Aug 1998

- New: Configuration file reloaded if needed upon every request, with no
       messages to user if succesful
- New: Optional link or other html code in top left corner of week view
       (configuration item 'top left corner')

1.05	12 Jul 1998

- New: events can span several days (Duration).
- New: Added config parameter 'clock' for 12/24-hour displays.
- New: wcald host and port can be given in conf file. Patch by Jerome ALET
- New: Added config option 'screen resolution' adjusts proportions of some
- Change: User list view works now similar to other views, and works much faster.
- Bug: Adding/editing event did week->month->week mapping, and ended up with
       invalid week: events added immediately in start of year disappeared.
- Bug: "sunday starts week" setting was not considered in several places.
- Bug: Cache was not purged when config file was reloaded.
- Bug: Minutes on event editing were always zero.
- Bug: Adding events to week that belongs to different year than the day
       made the added event disappear.
- Bug: Event display didn't respect date format setting.

1.00	23 Jun 1998

- Now under GPL. No other changes from 0.96.

0.96	28 Mar 1998

- Added wcal.conf.5 and this file.

0.95	13 Mar 1998

- First public release.

© 2004 JoŽl Savignon