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What is RSS?

RSS is the short name for RDF Site Summary (RDF is the short name for Resource Description Framework).

RSS is a XML format to describe news displayed in a website. The main difference between RSS format and HTML webpages is that there are no formatting tags in RSS. The XML code contains only the brute data of the news.

Some websites provide RSS pages of their most recent news. RSS files are used by news aggregator to extract news from websites and then display them in their own personal style.

RSS services are often signaled in websites with a icon, just like on the MyNews website (near the News menu).

RSS versions

There are several versions of the RSS format. We can devide them in two: 1.0 and 2.0. There are some significative improvements in version 2.0. That's why the MyNews website is providing RSS services in this format.

You can have more information about RSS in the documentation section of the RSS feed validator website. All RSS files on the NeoSystem website have been validated with the RSS feed validator.
[Valid RSS]

RSS and MyNews templates

Starting from the release 1.1b2 of MN perl module, you can now use RSS urls for MyNews templates instead of HTML urls. MyNews handles correctly RSS 2.0 and can also be used with older versions of RSS.

MN 1.1b2 requires XML::RSS::Parser perl module to be installed.

When you create such a template, you just have to enter the template ID and your RSS url. After creation, go to the template editor and click on the button. MyNews will try to extract information from the RSS file (name, comment, news, topics...). If you find it's OK, click on the button to validate the template.

Generally, the websites don't provide a good news id in the <guid> tag (the id will be the entire url of the news). You can change it by entering the good perl regexp in the News > Id field and by modifying the Links > News field.

Generally, the websites don't provide the <category> tag that will allow MyNews to figure out the topic of the news. Anyway, you can extract the topic from the news id by entering the good perl regexp in the Topic > Id field.

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