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If you want to translate MyNews interface into another language, you just have to translate one file called messages. This file contains all messages used by MyNews web interface.

First of all, goto the lang subdirectory of the MyNews web directory, create your language subdirectory and copy the messages file of en. For example, for swedish, you will create a subdirectory called se.

> cd /var/www/mynews/lang
> mkdir se
> cp en/messages se
The messages file is a set of lines. Each line represents one message. The line is divided in two parts separated by tab characters. The first part is the message key (message in english) and the second part is the translated message. For example a line of the french translation file is:
New user     Nouvel utilisateur
Replace the second parts of lines by the translation of messages in your language.

When the translation file is complete, add a file called name that will contain the name of your language. The two files (messages and name) must belong to the mynews user.

Then, goto the "Preferences" menu in MyNews and select your new language.

Please send me your translated files at js@electriccafe.org. You will be added to the MyNews contributors list.

© 2004 JoŽl Savignon