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10   Type Description Status Version
1 Web interface New feature Allow user subscription to topics rather than templates. Waiting 1.2b4
2 MyCMS New feature Add comment feature to cms news. Same control as for articles (moderated or not). Waiting 1.1b1
3 MyNews scanner Change Add a link to the topic of the news in subscribers mail if the news belongs to a topic. Done 1.2b4
4 MyCMS Change Add a link to the topic of the article in subscribers mail if the article belongs to a topic. Done 1.1b1
5 MyCMS Change Add shortcut to add new article from author main page. Done 1.1b1
6 RSS Change The number of news in the rss page can be controlled by the pubnpp resource. Done 1.2b4
7 MyCMS Change Disable article body in article editor when template is in weblog mode. Done 1.1b1
8 Template Change Allow '()' in news name regexp combined with '' to detect start and end of news name on several lines. Done 1.2b4
9 Web interface Bug fix Correct link to template idcard (absolute path) Done 1.2b4
10 Web interface Bug fix Correct date format for news in public site according to browser prefs. Done 1.2b4

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